Jimmy Kimmel Helps Couple Redo Marriage Proposal Gone Hilariously Wrong

Author: Lauren Kelly

Seth Dixon attempted to propose to his girlfriend Ruth Salas at their favorite park but then the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened: Seth dropped the ring. It fell through the bridge, landing in a pond.

It fell through the bridge, landing in a pond. Ahhhh noooo!!!

Their friends put on their swimsuits and jumped into the water to look for the $3,000 ring, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to find it.

Well apparently Jimmy Kimmel heard about what happened and wanted to give them an engagement re-do.

According to ABC, Kimmel had the couple contacted and told that “20/20” wanted to interview them in Los Angeles. He told them they would get free tickets to his show to pass the time before the interview. They were shocked when he called them to the stage, showing them the bridge over a pond he had recreated. Neil Lane then presented the couple with a new ring, and this time around, Seth was able to get the ring on his now-fiancee’s finger.

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