Your Mind Is Full Of All Kinds Of Useless Knowledge

How come we can’t name all the Countries or States or pretty much anything about the Prussian era? See I pulled that out and you’re Googling it because you have no idea what it is but at some point in school. We learned it but we can’t remember. However, we can sing you every Jingle, quote you every movie, recap reality tv.

We were talking with Kelly Clarkson yesterday and Geoff mentioned his favorite song of hers was “A Moment Like This” and then went on this whole tangent about the season finale of “American Idol”.  He knew she had voice issues, when Justin performed, like all of it!  He knew way too much about season 1 of “American Idol”.

So it got us talking about what we know way too much about.

Sarah – Teen mom. Way too invested and to the point she follows the OG girls on Twitter and let’s be honest, the season 2 girls.

Geoff – Season 1 “American Idol” finale

Lauren Kelly – every single detail about anyone and everyone that has ever been a part of the Bachelor franchise.

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