Texas Renaissance Festival Is Back With A New Exciting Addition

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest and most acclaimed renaissance theme park in the nation. This fall tradition brings the magic of the 16th century to life with it’s popular turkey legs, authentic mead, jousting and live entertainment. Many artisans and merchants provide handmade items such as beeswax candles and soap, armory, leather works, art, jewelry and much more throughout the grounds. Not only will the merchants provide you with a live experience, but blacksmiths, glassblowers, hawkers, fairies, pirate kings and beer maidens take you back in time.

For the first time in nearly two decades, the 43 year-old festival has added a new themed weekend to the season schedule, for a total of 9 themed weekends, adding a “Heroes and Villains” weekend dedicated to assembling the mightiest of heroes and heroines and the darkest of villains and vixens from November 11 through November 12. 

Look below for the upcoming themed weekends:

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