Two Teens Who Met When They Received Their Organ Donations Are Going To Homecoming Together

For most of us going to homecoming was inevitable. It was something we looked forward to and counted down the days to but for Grace and JJ when they were born, nothing was guaranteed for them. They both suffered the same metabolic disorder that didn’t allow their body to process protein properly.

The families first met at Walter Reed when the kids were just days old and over the years their paths continued to cross.

They even received their organ transplants just three weeks apart, thirteen years ago.

Their journey together didn’t end there. This past summer the two went to camp for kids who have had transplants and deepened their friends and now, the two are doing something both parents dreamed their children would be able to do, go to homecoming. Here’s the part that gives you all the feels. The two that met at babies at Walter Reed hospital, met again as toddlers for their transplants, reconnected at camp again are now going to homecoming together!

You can see their photos from GMA here. 

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