Friendswood 3rd Grader Already Raised More Than $13,500 For Harvey Relief

Author: Lauren Kelly

Houstonians have done an amazing job helping neighbors with Hurrican Harvey relief, including the smallest of helpers!

Friendswood 3rd grader Jaxson Vanreenen is raising money for Hurricane Harvey relief, and his funds are already up to more than $13,000!

According to ABC 13, ‘His home did not flood during Hurricane Harvey, but he knows plenty of people who did, including a close friend. “My friend Orayn, water just destroyed his house. Like on the outside it looked great but inside it looks horrible,” said Vanreenen. At 8 years old, Vanreenen wasn’t allowed to save people on boats during the storm or remove dry wall from damaged houses, but he’s helping by raising money through a GoFundMe page.

His goal is $50,000 and he already knows where the donations will go. “I hope to just give it to some families that lost their homes. I am going to give a little gift cards to my friends that lost their homes,” said Vanreenen. He says he’s just very grateful for everyone who has already donated.’

How awesome is that! Amazing job so far Jaxon!



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