A new survey published in the Daily Mail took 1,500 married couples and asked what they would change about each other if they could. They found that women would change four things about their husband. And throwing off the stereotype, it was actually men who would change more about their spouses. The average guy would change six things about his wife.

Here are the top ten for both, what women would change about their husband first:

1. 35% would make him less grumpy.

2. 30% would make him listen more when they talk.

3. 25% say they would get rid of some of his bad habits, whatever they might be.

4. 25% make him more appreciative.

5. Only 21% say they would make him help more around the house.

6. 14% eat healthier.

7. 13% have him to spend less money.

8. 13% would make him cut down on the drinking.

9. It’s still a thing apparently: 12% would make him always put the toilet seat down.

10. 12% hope he would be more emotionally intelligent.

Now here are the top ten things men would change about their wives:

1. 23% want her more affectionate.

2. 22% would make her happier in general.

3. 20% say they would get her to be more adventurous in bed.

4. 18% would have her clean the house more.

5. 17% want her more appreciative.

6. 16% would make her live a healthier lifestyle.

7. 16% want her to have more energy, so she’s not tired all the time.

8. 16% would like her to dress in sexier clothes.

9. 14% want her to spend less money.

10. It’s a three-way tie between “have more fun,” “be less of a control freak,” and “stop watching bad TV shows.” (13%)


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