Did ‘This Is Us’ Season Premiere Predict Kardashian Pregnancies??

Author: Lauren Kelly

This Is Us” kicked off their season 2 premiere last night, and aside from the normal tears it brings to many of us…a joke about the Kardashians is what’s making headlines today!

The episode was taped over the summer, but it seemed to be timed perfectly with Tuesday’s news that Khloé Kardashian is pregnant and last week’s headlines that her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, is expecting. (And the news earlier this month that Kim Kardashian West is having a third baby via surrogate.)

To clarify, here’s what happened on the show:

Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) regretfully informed her ex-husband and current boyfriend Kevin (Justin Hartley) that she couldn’t fly to L.A. to be there for his birthday, and she was especially distraught that she wouldn’t be able to do any Kardashian-spotting around town. Kevin consoled her by saying, “They’re like Gremlins. I promise by next week there will be a bazillion more of them.”

Fans were quick to hit up social media, asking “How’d they know?” lol

That time #thisisus predicted the future #Kardashians #gremlins pic.twitter.com/KZt0Bvele6

— Bernie (@bern1down) September 27, 2017

“The Kardashians are like gremlins. By next week there will be a gazillion more of them” – #thisisus . Well two more are pregnant lol pic.twitter.com/jIb3mpWUv0

— Monica (@Styleclectic) September 27, 2017

So which #ThisIsUs writer saw the future to make that Kardashian joke even more accurate?

— Jennifer Noble (@brightasarose) September 27, 2017

The #ThisIsUs writers must be popping champagne over that Kardashian joke right now.

— JessSaying (@Sleepy_Viking) September 27, 2017


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