We’ve all watched horror movies and thought to ourselves, man I would totally have survived that but would you have?

According to Thought Catalog, they went through and said how long you would survive based on your Zodiac Sign.

I don’t know about you but I am fascinated by Zodiac Signs and what people think they know about you based on your sign.

What’s your sign?

How long would you survive? This according to Thought Catalog



An Aquarian is way more likely to be the serial killer than be in a situation in which they are hunted by one, given that they are so independent and not prone to be in group situations. However, they have the same bravery and confidence that makes an Aries or Leo an easy target. They’re likely to come up with an idea, believe in it, and want to see it through, even if it’s super dangerous.



Libras are so well-liked by anyone that they’ll be carried to the end by whoever manages to survive. They are perfectly placed to ride on coattails here as long as they keep quiet and just do whatever their friend tells them to do.



Similarly, sensitive pisces is not cut out for the world of trying to survive a horror movie. They prefer to avoid such stress and retreat to their own peaceful world instead. I can see a Pisces being killed while working on a painting inspired by all the grief they’re trying to process.


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