Girl Who Beat Cancer Is Now A Nurse At The Same Hospital That Treated Her

Over two decades ago, Montana Brown was two years old and she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in her connective tissue called rhabdomyosarcoma.  She went through a year of chemo at a hospital in Atlanta, and beat it.  Then at 15 years old, she was diagnosed with cancer again and beat it a second time time. According to WSB-TV, she is now 24 years old and starting her career as a nurse at the same hospital she was treated!

She says the nurses were always great to her when she was in and out of the hospital.  So even when she was young, she knew that was what she wanted to do. So she recently finished nursing school, and focused on pediatric oncology.  And last week, she started working at the same hospital where she had her cancer treatments. She wanted to work with kids because she can honestly say she knows what they’re going through.  And when they see that she beat cancer, hopefully it inspires them to keep fighting.

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