96 Second News: It’s National Taco Day! Chip And Joanna Gaines Replaced; Las Vegas Update

Author: Lauren Kelly

**Here’s the latest out of Las Vegas:

1. Everyone’s still trying to figure out what motivated the shooter to murder so many innocent people, and we still don’t have any answers.

Some photos were released yesterday of his hotel room, showing his guns spread all over the room.

We also learned he rigged cameras in the hallways to alert himself when the cops were closing in. So far, the authorities have found 47 firearms between the shooter’s hotel room and his two homes.

2. The shooter’s 62-year-old girlfriend was in the Philippines during the shooting and was initially cleared, but the FBI says she’s still a person of interest and they’ll be interviewing her now that she’s back in the country. She arrived in Los Angeles last night.

The FBI also says that the shooter wired $100,000 to the Philippines last week . . . it’s not clear if that money was for her or who it was for.

3. An app that measures the sentiment in people’s tweets found that Monday was the saddest day in Twitter HISTORY.



And aside from tons of taco deals around town, a website called National Today ran a survey about our love of tacos to celebrate. Here’s what they found:

1. More than 95% of Americans say they like tacos.

2. 76% of us eat tacos at LEAST once every few weeks.

3. The most popular taco filling is carne asada, which is “steak.” The rest of the five most popular are: Barbacoa, chicken, pork, chorizo pork sausage and veggies.

4. And 72% prefer tacos over burritos.


**Jason Aldean has canceled concerts for the remainder of the week … he says out of respect for the victims in the Vegas massacre.

Aldean says, “It is the right thing to do. It has been an emotional time for everyone involved this week, so we plan to take some time to mourn the ones we have lost. Our first time back on stage will be a very tough and emotional thing for us, but we will all get through it together and honor the people we lost by doing the only thing we know how to do — play our songs for them.”

The tour will resume October 12 in Tulsa.


**We may be losing “Fixer Upper” and Chip and Joanna Gaines, but HGTV introduced a new “Flip or Flop” spin off based out of Fort Worth, that will reportedly be taking the Gaines’ place.

Andy and Ashley Williams will be hosting a new show, which will feature them turning old, rundown properties into beautiful, livable homes.

Both the Williams are military veterans who used real estate to help them transition into civilian life, according to the HGTV website.

The show is set to debut next year on HGTV.


**Actor and singer Jared Leto is ready to slip into some famous silk pajamas and channel his inner playboy…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leto is set to take on the role of the late legendary Hugh Hefner in a currently untitled upcoming biopic directed by Brett Ratner.

Ratner said, “When he heard I got the rights to Hef’s story, he told me, ‘I want to play him. I want to understand him.’”

feels confident about this decision to cast Leto. “I really believe Jared can do it. He’s one of the great actors of today.”


**Coldplay kicked off their Monday show in Portland, Oregon earlier this week with a minute of silence to honor the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas.

Following the moment of silence, the band launched into a tribute to the late Tom Petty, who had passed away earlier that night.

Chris Martin, along with R.E.M.‘s Peter Buck on the guitar, took the stage to honor Petty in front of a full crowd with a special rendition of “Free Fallin’.”


**Taylor Swift is also among than many stars mourning for Las Vegas. “There are no words to express the helplessness and sorrow my broken heart feels,” the 27-year-old singer tweeted on Monday.

Later Monday after learning that an off-duty female officer, Kimberlee Binder, was injured, Swift had flowers delivered to the Los Angeles police station where the woman worked.

Kimberlee shared of photo of Swift’s gesture in an Instagram post saying, “Talk about a class act! @taylorswift sent multiple bouquets of flowers and plants to our station, as one of our officers was shot in Las Vegas last night. Beautiful flowers can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Much respect.”

There are no words to express the helplessness and sorrow my broken heart feels for the victims in Vegas and their families.

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) October 2, 2017


**Dunkin’ Donuts is apparently going to be cutting a bunch of flavors from its current donut lineup…

By the end of October, Dunkin says there will likely be no more than 24 varieties in some stores, but most locations will be offering fewer than 20 different doughnuts.
Considering most stores offer up to 30 flavors currently, that’s a serious decrease.

But why are they doing this?

A representative for Dunkin’ Donuts told the TODAY Show Food that the chain is ” testing a streamlined menu emphasizing our signature beverages and food in a limited number of markets … at a total of 1,000 locations.”


**The newest Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul is a pretty fashionable guy, so it’s no surprise that Chris has teamed up with men’s accessory brand Hook & Albert to create a new collection of stylish accessories.

The limited-edition lineup includes a backpack, dopp kit, and weekend garment bag in two colors – either slate grey or midnight black with custom gold hardware.

Paul has also collaborated with Hook & Albert founders on a collection of studded lapel pins in a variety of fabric colors, including a red-and-black checked edition.

Where Style meets Function. Shop my new capsule collection now at https://t.co/KfWhwxjXrc. #HookAndAlbertxCP3 pic.twitter.com/gKSmG8PFhJ

— Chris Paul (@CP3) September 28, 2017


**The Houston Astros will start Justin Verlander in Game 1 of the AL Division Series against the Boston Red Sox on Thursday.

Manager A.J. Hinch announced the decision yesterday, adding that Dallas Keuchel will start Game 2 on Friday.

Verlander has been at his best since coming over from the Detroit Tigers…he’s 5-0 in five starts since the trade.


**Netflix customers are encouraged to beware, as new online phishing scams are targeting people’s bank accounts.

An email that looks like it is from Netflix has been going to its customers, claiming there has been a billing error and payment information needs to be updated.

The customers are given a link to a fake website. Officials are telling users not to click on any links, instead, they’re advised to log directly into the Netflix website to check their account.


Have you guys seen the latest pair of luxury “foam” shoes? They’re essentially CROCS…with PLATFORMS.

Balenciaga presented them on the runway in Paris for Fashion Week, and they are part of its Spring 2018 women’s collaboration with Crocs.

The colorfully embellished four-inch platforms will come in pink, yellow, green, and beige.

Balenciaga shoes can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500, no word on how much the Crocs will cost you.

With the Women Spring Summer 18 runway show, Balenciaga launches the “Foam” shoes, a 10 cm platform version of the iconic @Crocs clog. pic.twitter.com/TsjgjkllF2

— Balenciaga (@BALENCIAGA) October 1, 2017

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