Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

In a new article from the New York Post, it says that adult should STOP DRESSING UP for Halloween and leave that for the kids only.

I’m sorry, what? They want us to stop dressing up for Halloween? But whyyyyy?? I LOVE dressing up for Halloween!

This is what the article opens with:

“America is in the throes of a serious and troubling trend that needs to stop and it needs to stop now. We’re talking about Halloween and adults dressing up in costumes. Enough!

The National Retail Federation reports that 48 percent of US adults will, on purpose, dress up as a pirate or flirty waitress or some other scary person.

We assume some of these folks have kids. Give it a break. Give the holiday back to the children. Grow up.”

This upsets me. Halloween is a fun time that allows you to dress up in a costume…as someone else perhaps…or maybe something you wanted to be when you were little but never got a chance to. Wearing a costume can be liberating, even.

The article then goes on to say,

“We’re not saying you can’t get into the spirit of the holiday. Go ahead and dress up your house, concoct a Halloween-themed dessert or buy a pumpkin from the grocery store and place it outside your front door.

Then stop.”


What are YOUR thoughts? Are you ever too old to dress up for Halloween in a costume?


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