Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

**Celine Dion broke down on stage on Tuesday, October 3, during her first performance at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace following the shooting in Las Vegas. The singer opened up the show with a message for the victims and the families who were hurt by the attack.

“On Sunday we lost too many beautiful, innocent souls, and so many are still suffering,” Dion said to the audience. “But tonight we’re going to let these families know that we are supporting them and that we will help them through their tragic loss.”

Dion announced during her speech that along with show partners AEG Presents and Caesars Entertainment, she will be donating the proceeds from the show to aid the victims and their families.

“We dedicate tonight’s show to all of the victims and their families, and to the first responders, and to the doctors and nurses who are working around the clock to save lives, and to so many heroes who did whatever they could to help complete strangers in a time of desperate need,” Dion said. “Thank you so much for being here.”

**Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander is doing his part to help give back to those in need after Hurricane Harvey.

Verlander announced the “Hurricane Harvey Patriot Grant Program,” which will help those families impacted by Harvey. He is also donating $100,000 and his playoff share to the program.

The Astros host the Red Sox at Minute Maid Park Thursday at 3 p.m. today, and they want the city to “Orange Out,” and use #EarnHistory on social media for photos of yourself in orange at the office, school, etc.



**A guy from northern California got into an argument with his wife recently…she was mad that he was spending so much money on scratch-off lottery tickets.

But it didn’t matter that she was upset, he kept on buying the tickets, and he’d hide in the bathroom to scratch them off.

Hermenegildo Beltran-Meza was in the bathroom when he discovered that one of his $10 California Black Premium Scratchers was a $1 million winner.

He says he got the courage to walk out of the bathroom and tell his wife. “You said I’m never going to win and there I won, there’s proof,” he told his wife, delivering the good news.

There’s no word on how she reacted, but they did say they’re planning to put the money toward their retirement.



**Get your Costco membership card ready if you’re worried about the end of the world…

Costco just started selling an “emergency food” kit that has 6,200 servings of canned food . . . including wheat, rice, milk, fruits, vegetables, granola, and meat. They say it’s for one person to have about 1,200 calories per day for a year.

It costs $999.99 . . . which comes out to about $2.75-a-day. And the food in the cans have a 25-year shelf life, so you’ll be covered as long as the apocalypse comes before 2042. But unfortunately, it’s sold out right now.


**Actor and singer Jared Leto is ready to slip into some famous silk pajamas and channel his inner playboy…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leto is set to take on the role of the late legendary Hugh Hefner in a currently untitled upcoming biopic directed by Brett Ratner.

Ratner feels confident about this decision to cast Leto. “I really believe Jared can do it. He’s one of the great actors of today.”


**”The New York Post” did a story this week that said we should all start being ADULTS, and stop dressing up for Halloween.

A new survey asked people if they’re planning to dress up this year, and it’s basically a 50/50 split. Here are four stats from the survey:

1. 51% of us are interested in wearing a costume this year. So almost half of us AREN’T. 16% are also planning to put their PET in a costume.

2. 40% of people who are dressing up will start pulling their costume together by next week at the latest. Almost half of those people said they’ve already started.

3. The three most popular themes this year are funny costumes, unique costumes, and sexy costumes. Yes, funny costumes are the most popular.

4. But if you’re trying to HOOK UP on Halloween, a UNIQUE costume might be better than a sexy one. 27% of people said a one-of-a-kind costume would make the best impression. Sexy costumes and funny costumes each got 20% of the vote.


**The new “American Idol” judges were guests on “Good Morning America” yesterday, and according to reports, Ryan Seacrest was supposed to join them, which would make sense . . . “Good Morning America” is on ABC, along with “Idol” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan” . . . so there’d be a lot of good cross promotion.

But Seacrest didn’t show up, and the “New York Post” says it’s because Kelly Ripa threw a fit, and DEMANDED that he cancel. Apparently, she’s still ticked off about how “Good Morning America” poached Michael Strahan.

A source says, quote, “She didn’t want history repeating itself. She’s worried that ‘GMA’ could possibly lure Ryan Seacrest. That’s how paranoid she is.”

Ryan’s rep says it was a scheduling conflict, and he didn’t have time to do it . . . which makes sense, considering he’s juggling, like, 14 full-time jobs at this point. And Kelly’s rep says this is, quote, “absolutely not true.”


**Lionel Richie didn’t hold back when Us Weekly asked him for his thoughts on daughter Sofia, 19, being in the news a lot lately for her relationship with Scott Disick, 34.

“Have I been in shock?! I’m the dad, come on,” he said at the American Idol auditions in New York City yesterday.

When asked if he was happy for the new couple, Lionel answered, “I’m scared to death, are you kidding me?”

Sofia and Scott started dating in early September.


**If you love spicy snacks, then you might enjoy Doritos‘ newest flavor.

They are debuting the limited edition wasabi-flavored Doritos. Wasabi is the Japanese horseradish popular with sushi.

You can buy the Wasabi Doritos at Walmart, Sam’s Club or on Amazon. Grab them while you can because they are only available for a limited time.


**Mark Salling has pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor, Us Weekly confirms.

According to the plea agreement obtained by Us, the Glee alum, 35, has agreed to serve four to seven years in jail. He must also register as a sex offender and cannot have communication with anyone under the age of 18 unless in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. Upon his release, he must stay 100 feet away from schoolyards, parks, public swimming pools, playgrounds and video arcade venues. He also faces “20 years’ supervised release.”

Salling has been ordered to pay “approximately $50,000” in restitution to each victim who has requested it, according to the court documents. He must also enter a sex offender treatment program.

The actor was arrested in December 2015 after the Internet Crimes Against Children LAPD task force was tipped off that he had an extensive collection of child porn at his home in Sunland, California.


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