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**Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale gave up back-to-back home runs to Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve in the FIRST INNING which and gave the Houston Astros a quick 2-0 lead in yesterday’s ALDS playoff game 1, with the final score: Astros 8, Red Sox 2.

‘Stros pitcher Justin Verlander earned his sixth straight victory in his Astros uniform by pitching 6 innings.

Jose Altuve became only the 9th player in MLB history to tally three home runs in any single post season game.

Dallas Keuchel will start Game 2 this afternoon at 1p.


**P!nk has just announced her “Beautiful Trauma World Tour 2018” which will be making a stop here in Houston next Spring, on April 28th at Toyota Center.

Tickets will go on sale October 13th at HOUSTONTOYOTACENTER.COM or TICKETMASTER.COM.

Her 7th studio album titled ‘Beautiful Trauma,’ will be out on October 13th.


**Netflix is raising its prices by 10% next month on most plans, and naturally people will be angry.

The price hikes won’t affect ALL of their plans, but since they’re changing the most popular ones, most of their 53 million customers will be affected.

So, subscribers who pay for the standard $9.99 service will be charged $10.99 . . . or $1 more per month. And the price of the premium tier will be raised 17%, from $11.99 to $13.99.

The basic $7.99 plan is staying the same for now. It’s unclear if or how the old-school DVD plans will be affected.

The new prices will go into effect in November. Netflix is officially notifying customers on October 19th, 30 days before they’ll have to pay the higher price.


**Someone went through ten years of sales data to find out which type of Halloween candy each state buys the most of, and the overall favorite is CANDY CORN.

Candy Corn took the top spot in six different states . . . Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.

Next is Sour Patch Kids. It’s #1 in five states . . . Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and New York.

Here’s how candy is Texas ranked: 1st Starburst, 2nd Reese’s Cups, and 3rd Almond Joy.

Two surprise SNUBS were Butterfingers and Kit Kats. They came in 2nd or 3rd in a few states. But they’re not #1 anywhere.

See the all the states answers >>> HERE


**Carolina Panthers Football Player Cam Newton is sorry that he mocked a female reporter on Wednesday, after she tried to ask him a football question.

Last night, he released a video saying, quote, “After careful thought, I understand that my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful to women . . . that was not my intentions . . . I sincerely apologize . . .

“What I did was extremely unacceptable . . . I’ve already lost sponsors and countless fans, [and] I realize that the joke is really on me . . . I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this.

“To the young people who see this, I hope that you’ve learned something from this as well. Don’t be like me . . . be better than me.”

Cam doesn’t mention the reporter he mocked, he just apologizes to, quote, “all the women all around the world.”

The video came about nine hours after Dannon Oikos Yogurt said that they’d no longer use Cam in their commercials, and they’d pull the existing ones. Gatorade is also distancing itself from his comments.


**New in Theaters:

1. “Blade Runner 2049” (R)

Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright and Jared Leto star in this new one set to take place 30 years after the original.

2. “The Mountain Between Us” (PG-13)

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet are stranded on a remote snow covered mountain. They risk their lives for each other to get back to civilization.

3. “My Little Pony: The Movie” (PG)

Emily Blunt plays a unicorn with a broken horn who crashes the ponies’ party and steals their home, Zoe Saldana is some kind of pirate captain, Sia is a pop star pony, and Liev Schrieber and Taye Diggs are bad guys.


**The newest Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul is a pretty fashionable guy, so it’s no surprise that Chris has teamed up with men’s accessory brand Hook & Albert to create a new collection of stylish accessories.

The limited-edition lineup includes a backpack, dopp kit, and weekend garment bag in two colors – either slate grey or midnight black with custom gold hardware.

Paul has also collaborated with Hook & Albert founders on a collection of studded lapel pins in a variety of fabric colors, including a red-and-black checked edition.


**Everybody knows that Katy Perry is going to be running the show once ABC’s “American Idol” starts back up again, at least when it comes to salary. They gave her $25 MILLION before they even locked anybody else in.

And sources say that caused some real drama. Even Ryan Seacrest is “only” getting $15 million. But there was major chaos when ABC tried to find two more judges with the money they had left.

Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan were originally offered $2.5 million, 10% of Katy’s salary. Naturally, they were offended and demanded more.

According to the “New York Post”, they ended up getting $7 million each.


**Maroon 5 announced that their next album will be called “Red Pill Blues”, and it’ll be out on November 3rd. It’s available for pre-order today.

And just to be clear, the title is a reference to “The Matrix” . . . NOT a men’s rights movement, which has apparently the similar notion of ‘taking the red pill.’

For the record, Maroon 5 doesn’t even know what the whole “men’s rights movement” is about.

A rep said, quote, “The title references a term popularized in ‘The Matrix’ . . . a common phrase used to describe ‘seeing things as they really are’ . . . like when Neo takes the red pill . . . It was never the band’s intention to reference anything else. The band is shocked that this has even come up.”


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