Las Vegas Victim Reunited With The Man That Saved Her Life

Taylor Stoval was one of the victims in Las Vegas and she never thought she would be able to meet the man who saved her life but the power of social media is amazing! That and the power of Savannah Guthrie!

Taylor is a 17-year-old high school student who was shot in the arm on Sunday night.

At first she said she thought she was hit by a paintball and then  she told today, quote, “I just thought there was someone shooting paintballs at us. I would never expect that to happen at a concert. It was just crazy”.

She and her friends started to run for cover and that is where she met Parker. He grabbed her and helped tie up her arm and took her to an ambulance.

She thought that the chance encounter with her stranger who’s first name is the only thing she had and she believed that would be the only encounter they would ever have.


That is when this Instagram post came into play

Parker’s mother-in-law saw the post on Savannah’s page and that is how they were able to reconnect! They plan to meet soon. Parker is a former Army Medic.


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