Sarah Pepper’s Weekend In Five Photos

Friday night we headed to Big Texas for a great adventure that Lauren had planned for the Calendar release of the Houston Firefighters Calendar.

If you wanna see that photo it’s under Lauren’s Weekend Photos 😉


On Saturday it was an early morning to get to Geoff Sheen’s daughter’s baptism and after that I needed to run some errands so Elizabeth drove and lucky lucky got a nail in her tire!

I got a text on Sunday night from one of my best friends who was a year a head of me in high school with this picture

Apprently my original Dr. Pepper is still making it’s rounds. Why it was up at their reunion I don’t know. Why I am holding a tooth brush, I don’t know!


Sunday morning is cycling morning and what is better after  a ten-mile bike BRUNCH! Down the Street has some of the best brunch and a great patio!

Then it was off to NRG for  Sunday Night Football!

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