Sarah Pepper

With every year I learn something that makes me love my mom even more! This past weekend I realized what a rockstar she was for always having our birthday parties at her house when we were kids. I always thought it was a bigger deal to take the party on the road but after this weekend I realize what an undertaking it is for parents to have a party at their house.

Case and point. Elizabeth’s niece had her ninth birthday this past weekend and it was a glow in the dark dance party. Right?! AWESOME!

We arrived all glowsticked out. Had necklaces and bracelets and everything we could pick up at the dollar store.  We were ready to party!

The kids started arriving and heading outside and there were snacks and Capri Suns and music and I was like this is legit amazing! Then the kids got sugar in them. We realized we were outnumbered and sugar high started to happen. One kid at like five pieces of cake and didn’t even blink. They had SO MUCH energy. Linda had a blast, the kids had a blast the glowsticks were a success but as the final child was picked up, I was exhausted! There were 7 adults there and I was still exhausted. I remember my mom having all my friends over and it was just her. That’s it!

Please believe I picked up the phone and called her immediately to thank her for every single party she ever threw!

You don’t realize as a kid how much effort your parents put into everything and work full-time and cook you dinner and keep your clothes clean and make sure you make it to every single sporting event. It’s pretty amazing that parents keep up. Cause I was exhausted! I slept in the next morning until like 9 and when I got up I realized that parents don’t have that luxury because the kids are up and ready to go again bright and early.

So to every child’s birthday I have ever been to, you are amazing!

To all the parents I salute you!

I think I am still exhausted 🙂



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