Remember passing notes in high school? It’s Thursday, so The Morning Mix was in a Throwback Thursday kind of mood! Sarah Pepper found some old notes from her high school days. Frankly, Geoff and Lauren did a GREAT job performing these notes today on the show. But if you wanted to review the transcript, here they are:


It started here


I hope you aren’t mad at me? I tried calling your house last night but your grandma said you were at cross-country practice and you would call when you got home but you didn’t. I only sit next to Kristie in band because she’s a first chair saxophone like me, not because there is anything going on. I don’t get to pick my seat. I can talk to Mr Wallis but because we are the only two first chairs I don’t think he will want me to move.

I am giving this to Katie since I haven’t seen you yet. I’ll see you after gym by the lockers.


I love you


This note came with the previous note from her best friend, Katie

I gave you note from Brian and he seemed pretty upset about you being upset about him sitting next to Kristy at the game. He said that he can’t move because they are both first chair instruments and he can’t. Also I don’t like her at all and I do think she likes him because she tried to put his hat on.

I hope you are feeling better and not too mad. He loves you very much.

See you at practice


But it did not end


I know that you are upset about the away game this weekend and I am sad that you are grounded and can’t go but I promise you there is nothing going on with me and Kristy. I told her I can’t sit next to her on the bus and that she needs to respect our relationship. I gave her back the card she got for me for my birthday and told her we are just friends. I hope that make you feel better. My mom got me a calling card so I can call you when we get to the hotel and I will call you as soon as I get back.

I love you


This one came ONE WEEK later!


I know that you are upset but I hope that we can still be friends. I promise you I didn’t even know that I liked Kristy has much as I did until we really had time to talk and we have a lot in common. She loves jeeps too and I know it’s hard for you to understand that we have anything in common because she’s a junior and I’m just a freshman but we do. Before you hear it from anyone else she asked me to prom and I said yes. I hope we can still be friends, we’ve been friends since second grade and have Biology together. I know you don’t wanna be lab partners anymore and that’s ok but I don’t think we can switch halfway through the semester but I will ask Ryan if he will switch.

I am sorry,


After the awkward biology class


I heard that saxy [expletive deleted] stole Brian away from you. I put my banana peel in her locker after lunch and I hope it smells. Don’t tell anyone I did that. I can’t get anymore detentions or my mom isn’t going to let me go to the game on Saturday. I heard you switched lab partners. Ryan is really cute. I am really sorry. See you at practice.



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