96 Second News: Details On 1st Two Astros Games; Katy Perry Comments On John Mayer’s Instagram Post

Author: Lauren Kelly

**The last time the Houston Astros were in the ALCS series was in 2005, and then even went on to play in the World Series that year.

Tonight the Astros will take on the New York Yankees in game 1 of the ALCS at 7:08p at Minute Maid Park. Dallas Keuchel will be pitching.

Here’s some info for both games:


**Katy Perry left ex-boyfriend John Mayer a sweet note on his Instagram account…for his dad!

Mayer shared an adorable photo of himself and his dad, Richard Mayer, celebrating his 90th birthday at a restaurant.

“Happy 90th Birthday, Dad! Leave doting comments about my dad below. He’ll scroll through it. Also please stop this train. Thank you.”

“Stop this train,” is a nod to his 2006 hit of the same name. In the song, the star says that he “had a talk with my old man” about getting older.

Katy reacted to the sweet post in the comments section by saying, “Looking fantastic as ever! Happy birthday friend.”

.@katyperry commented on one of @JohnMayer's Instagram posts for the sweetest reason!
https://t.co/O8rGp6N9YQ pic.twitter.com/molLS8auEd

— Access Hollywood (@accesshollywood) October 13, 2017


**We’ve got a bunch of stats here for Friday the 13th:

1. 74% of people say they’ve had bad luck on a Friday the 13th in the past.

2. Statistically speaking, today isn’t any more dangerous than any other day. A study out of Finland found there’s no increase in bad things happening on Friday the 13th.

3. 5% of people plan to stay in their house all day today just to be safe.

4. This is only the fifth time in the past three decades that Friday the 13th has happened in October. The previous ones are 1989, 1995, 2000, and 2006.

5. Every single year has to have at least one Friday the 13th, and some years can have up to three. The next one is in April of next year.


**A survey found the top 10 moments when we’re the most superstitious, and Friday the 13th only came in fifth. Here’s the list:

1. Taking a test.
2. Buying a lottery ticket.
3. During a key life event, like getting married or buying a house.
4. When you’re looking for a new job.
5. Friday the 13th or Halloween.
6. Getting on a flight.
7. Watching your favorite team.
8. At a doctor’s appointment.
9. Taking your driving test.
10. When you’re trying to get a promotion.


**The nominees for this year’s “American Music Awards” were announced yesterday, and Bruno Mars leads the pack with eight nominations.

Five artists followed with five nominations a piece: Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, and The Weeknd. All of them, except The Weeknd, are up for Artist of the Year.

None of the Artist of the Year nominees have won the top award before, but Drake and Ed Sheeran have been nominated for it in the past.

ABC will air the ceremony live from Los Angeles on Sunday, November 19th, and there’s no word on a host yet.

You can find ALL the nominees at TheAMAs.com.

As usual, YOU will choose the winners. Voting is open now at AMAvote.com . . . and you can also vote on Twitter by including the nominee’s handle, the category, and the hash-tag #AMAs.


**New in Theaters:

1. “The Foreigner” (R)

Jackie Chan is a widowed immigrant who’ll stop at nothing to get revenge on IRA terrorists after his only daughter is killed in a London attack. Pierce Brosnan plays a top ranking Irish official who was once a member of the IRA.

2. “Happy Death Day” (PG-13)

Just in time for Friday the 13th! Happy Death Day is a horror movie about a college student, played by Jessica Rothe, reliving the day of her murder over and over again, like a slasher version of “Groundhog Day”.


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