Would You Live In A House That Might Be Haunted?

Let’s say you could get your dream house. Everything you wanted.  One catch! It’s haunted. You taking that house?

Not like I may have seen a ghost in there haunted but like legit haunted! You taking it?


Less than half, 42% of people say NO they wouldn’t. 33% said they would and about 25% said they might.

According to a new survey, 42% of people say NO, they would not live in a house that might be haunted.  33% say they would, and another 25% say they might.

92% say if they got some sort of perk they would buy it.

What perks?

40% say a price reduction.

35% say they need it to be in  a good neighborhood

32% say that size matters and it has to be bigger than their current place.

29% say it has to have more bedrooms.


FYI 28% of people say that they are currently living in a haunted house.

If you’re not a ghostbuster how do you know the house is haunted?

  • Strange noises
  • Feelings in certain room
  • Object disappearing.


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