A Guy Buys Breakfast For 59 People In Honor Of The Victims Of The Vegas Shooting

A man in Portland, Maine. I say a man because he wants to remain anonymous, walked into a place called Maple’s earlier this month and randomly bought 59 people lunch. He chose the number 59 for the 59 victims in Las Vegas. I have no idea what the final bill was but it didn’t matter to him because he didn’t’ set a limit. He literally just left his credit card number and said the next 59 people who eat, are on me.

The owner isn’t revealing his name but did say he is a LONG-TIME customer and this isn’t the first time he has done something like this.

According to the owner, he does a lot of random nice things when he can.

He even came down to Houston after Harvey and helped us out down here.

He just wants to do something nice and not get the credit.

Thank you, sir, for having such a big heart!

You give us all the feels!


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