Sarah Pepper’s Weekend In Five Photos

I earned my Boot Walk T-shirt on Friday 🙂 thank you to the listener who donated the full $100 for our Boot Walk To End Cancer Campaign 🙂

Seriously LOVE Star Wars and I went to pick up some meds this weekend and of course, couldn’t leave without these bad boys!

Went shopping on Saturday for an outfit for an event I was hosting on Saturday night and this is Neil. I run into Neil every time I go shopping and he always helps me find something fun 🙂

Woke up NOT feeling at all on Sunday so watched the game from bed. This was pretty much my view until rallying for a 2-year-old’s birthday party 🙂


Elizabeth’s niece Paige had her second birthday on Sunday. I’m not sure what a shark has to do with that but it was SO MUCH FUN!


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