I am not buying the Houston NHL team. I’m not doing anything having to do with the #RichGeoffSheen predictions.

This matters a lot more.

There is an event coming to Houston in November called the MD Anderson Boot Walk. It’s a charity walk for MD Anderson. If you don’t know them, well, you should. US News & World Report ranked them #1 in the NATION for cancer care. I really believe in what these guys are doing. For everyone battling cancer, we need places like MD Anderson leading the charge to end cancer forever. Not just make it chronic. Just done! Over. Like the Washington Nationals in the playoffs.

To my friends from my days in Northern California and San Antonio: I know you aren’t coming to Houston. But I’m asking for you to be part anyway.

Just click this link. It will literally take you less than 5 minutes to make a donation to our CBS Radio Houston Morning Mix team. You don’t even need to attend!

You know me. I have never begged for people to come to my remotes. I don’t support things because the boss asks me to. I’m not hocking a whole bunch of stuff you don’t need. When I believe in something, I’m going to let you know. This is one of those times.

Before you start worrying about Christmas shopping and who is coming to Thanksgiving, just take a few minutes to give the VERY TOP organization battling cancer a few bucks. All the money goes to fighting cancer. It can be $5. Or $20. Or if you want, donate a $1 for every time you did a #RichGeoffSheen joke. Some of you will have donate THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars! But seriously, I’ve toured MD Anderson and talked to dozens of people who were there for treatment. They are stronger because they believe they are in the best hands. Then they get better.

The walk is on 11/11/17. Don’t wait until then though. Just do it right now. If you have autofill on your computer, it will probably take 2 minutes.

So, that’s the challenge. Please accept it! It will be bigger than:


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