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**While the Astros are on the road this postseason, fans are invited to watch the team play at Minute Maid Park.

Each away game will be shown on the video board in the stadium and at the Street Festival on Crawford Street, the Astros said.

There is one small — but free — catch: in order to attend any watch party, fans must claim a free admissions voucher to attend.

You can find more information on the Astros website. Today’s game will start at 3p.

Speaking of the ‘Stros, this season they are using the hastag “Earn History” in more ways than one. Even though they fell to the Yankees 8-1 in game 3 of the ALCS last night, the Chronicle posted a few different numbers you may not have seen yet: their salaries. Check these out:

SS – Carlos Correa – $535,000
SS – Alex Bregman – $539,400
P – Brad Peacock – $541,500
P – Joe Musgrove – $543,400
P – Lance McCullers – $548,000
P – Ken Giles – $550,100
P – Chris Devenski – $554,500
P – Will Harris – $2,200,00
LF – Marwin Gonzalez – $3,725,000
P – Collin McHugh – $3,850,000
RF – George Springer – $3,900,000
2B – Jose Altuve – $4,687,500
C – Evan Gattis – $5,200,000
P – Luke Gregerson – $6,250,000
P – Charlie Morton – $8,875,000
LF – Cameron Maybin – $9,000,000
P – Dallas Keuchel – $9,150,000
RF – Josh Reddick – $13,000,000
P – Francisco Liriano – $13,666,668
1B – Yuli Gurriel – $14,400,000
DH – Carlos Beltran – $16,000,000
C – Brian McCann – $17,000,000
P – Justin Verlander – $28,000,000

**The 10 remaining couples on “Dancing with the Stars” danced to the classics with a “Disney” theme last night, and from Muppets to mermaids, pirates to Pinocchio, we heard a lot of familiar tunes!

We saw a lot of great dances, but Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews quickly let us know the two couples in jeopardy this week: Frankie Muniz / Witney Carson, and “Pretty Little Liars” star Sasha Pieterse / Gleb Savchenko. Spoiler alert: Sasha and Gleb were eliminated.

Next week’s theme is “A Night at the Movies” and sitting in as guest judge will be Shania Twain.

**Actor Bill Murray helped some fellow Cubs fans make a special announcement at Wrigley Field last week.

Murray sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch at at Game 3 of the National League Division Series last Monday. Robbie and Kirsten Schloss said they weren’t planning on bothering the actor, but were seated near him in the stands behind home plate and ended up chatting with him and even singing with him at one point. Once the Cubs won, they decided to ask if he would help them tell their family they were expecting a baby.

So they posted the video on Instagram of Bill saying, “Hey, I’ve got news for you. You’re going to be grandparents,” Murray said in the video before pointing to Schloss, who exclaimed, “We’re having a baby!”

**Today is National Pasta Day, and a website called National Today ran a survey about our pasta eating habits in honor of the day. And here’s what they found:

1. 75% of us eat pasta at least once a week . . . and about 5% eat it DAILY.
2. Only 2.8% of us never eat pasta.
3. The most popular pasta dish is cavatappi with mussels and fish sauce. Just kidding. It’s spaghetti, obviously.
4. And the most popular sauce is marinara . . . it got 52% of the vote. Alfredo sauce came in second, at 44%.
5. Thanks to that love of Alfredo sauce, two-thirds of people say they’d rather eat fettuccini Alfredo than mac and cheese. And nine out of ten people prefer lasagna to baked ziti.


**Researchers recently gave people a list of 50 different things we take for granted every day, and they had to rank them according to how important they are.

Here are the top 10 luxuries we can’t live without:

1. The Internet. Almost everyone put it at the top.
2. Your phone.
3. Your pets.
4. A washer and dryer.
5. A nice, big mattress.
6. At least one vacation a year
7. Beauty and skincare products.
8. A dishwasher.
9. A microwave.
10. Eating out at restaurants.

A few luxuries people said they COULD live without are really nice towels . . . flying first class . . . tickets to sporting events . . . having food delivered . . . and paying for someone to clean your place.


**Gilberto Escamilla handled food deliveries for the kitchen at a juvenile detention center in Brownsville, Texas…and in August, he took a day off for a doctor’s appointment.

But while he was out, they got a call from a food company they work with. It was about 800 pounds of fajitas that were supposed to be delivered. But the person handling Gilberto’s calls didn’t know what they were talking about.

They said the kitchen didn’t serve fajitas. But the food company said they’d been delivering them for NINE YEARS. So everyone was confused, and they started looking into it.

It turns out Gilberto had been stealing EVERY SINGLE ORDER of fajitas for almost a decade. And he had a side business where he resold them to people in the area.

When they added it all up, he’d stolen more than $1.2 MILLION worth of fajitas over the course of nine years. They promptly fired him when he showed up for work the next day. He was arrested last Tuesday, and he’s facing felony charges for first-degree theft.


**A few celebrities who are celebrating birthdays today, October 17th:

Witney Carson from “Dancing with the Stars” is 24.

MMA Fighter Holly Holm is 36.

Marshal Mathers, EMINEM is 45.

Chris Kirkpatrick from ‘N Sync is 46.

Wyclef Jean of the Fugees is 48.

Actor/Comedian Norm MacDonald is 58.


**Daniel Radcliffe is willing to talk about almost anything in interviews, but there’s one thing he’d prefer NOT to be asked: he doesn’t like to talk about how “hard” it is to be an actor.

He said, quote, “No one wants to hear actors talk about how hard shoots are . . . [it’s] one of my pet peeves . . . I think the classic example of it is always boxing movies.

“And the actor is talking about how intense it is to train and all that stuff, but, you know, people are boxers. Boxers exist. It’s not a thing that makes ourselves [effing] special. I want to be careful with [stuff like] that.”

In his upcoming movie “Jungle”, Daniel plays a man who got stranded in the Amazon and lasted three weeks without a knife, a map, or any kind of survival training.

Daniel said he feels weird talking about the lengths he went to in bringing the character to life, because he was going home and staying in a hotel every night, whereas the guy he was playing actually LIVED it. And THAT was hard.


**Get your carts ready, shoppers…”Supermarket Sweep” is coming back to television. The incredibly popular game show is coming back after FremantleMedia got the global rights.

The show, which was first created in 1965, gained popularity in the 1990s on Lifetime when contestants would use their knowledge of grocery store items to shop inside a special store and win cash and prizes. They’d also solve riddles and answer pop culture questions to reveal products they needed to find.

The best part of the show was the very end of each episode when each team would dash down the isles to see who could get the most expensive purchases in the quickest amount of time.

Freemantle Media did not release a release date or a channel on which the show will appear yet.



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