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**68-year-old Billy Joel is expecting a child with his fourth wife, 35-year-old Alexis Roderick next month. This will be their second child, they already have a 2-year-old daughter named Della Rose. Billy also has a daughter named Alexa Ray Joel, from his marriage to Christie Brinkley. Alexa is 31.

In a recent interview, Billy said, quote, “[Della] is pretty good. She sleeps through the night. I hope the next one will.

“I hang out with her and watch her little wheels spin. And she’s a hoot. She’s a funny kid. She loves to laugh. I like to make her laugh.”


**Snapchat Is Selling a Dancing Hot Dog Halloween Costume…

If you’re on Snapchat, you know the dancing hot dog filter. Where people can add an animated dancing hot dog to their videos when you flip the camera around.

Snapchat just started selling a Dancing Hot Dog Halloween Costume. It costs $80 on Amazon and it covers you from head to toe and looks just like the hot dog from the filter.

It’s not sold out yet, so if you’re still looking for that perfect Halloween costume, this may be it.


**The Astros lost again to the New York Yankees last night, as the final score at Yankees Stadium was 5-0.

Masahiro Tanaka was pretty untouchable on the mound, and when the New York Yankees sent our own pitcher Dallas Keuchel to an early exit, Keuchel said afterward, “New York is no joke.”

One more big win, and these Yankees are World Series-bound…but the ‘Stros will play the next two games here at home, with game six Friday night at Minute Maid Park.


**It’s hard to really focus on work when literally everything else is trying to pull your attention away. A new survey found the top 10 things that DISTRACT us at work and destroy our productivity. Check ’em out:

1. Checking social media. 47% of people said they spend time on social media when they should be working.
2. Reading news websites, 45%.
3. Talking with your coworkers about stuff that’s not work-related, 38%.
4. Coffee breaks, 31%.
5. Smoking breaks, 28%.
6. Texts or instant messages, 27%.
7. Eating snacks, 25%.
8. Making food, 24%.
9. Phone calls that aren’t work-related, 24%.
10. Searching for NEW JOBS, 19%.


** has a list of ‘The Best Band from Every State,’ and naturally, there’s bound to be a LOT of controversy over it . . . based on individual taste, as well as debates over which states can claim which bands.

As for the rules, the site says, quote, “The band must have been formed in or primarily based in the state . . . lots of groups MOVE to Los Angeles, Nashville, or New York City after scoring a record deal, but they’re not from those cities . . .

“Only groups, not individual artists, are considered. This admittedly skews the list away from hip-hop and country.”

And, quote, “These are not simply OUR favorite bands from every state . . . we considered . . . historical significance, influence, popularity, and ‘quality.'”

Here are a few of the best ones:

1. Alaska: Portugal. The Man
2. California: The Beach Boys
3. Florida: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
4. Georgia: Outkast
5. Illinois: Earth, Wind & Fire
6. Indiana: Jackson 5
7. Minnesota: Prince and the Revolution
8. Nevada: The Killers
9. New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
10. Pennsylvania: The Roots
11. Texas: Destiny’s Child
12. Wisconsin: Garbage


**It’s been a little over two months since Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their separation, and it looks like Anna may already have a new boyfriend.

She was recently spotted having dinner at an Italian restaurant in L.A. with Michael Barrett. He’s a cinematographer who worked on Anna’s upcoming movie, a remake of the ’80s comedy “Overboard”.

They were actually seen there TWICE in the span of just a couple days, and witnesses to each encounter said they were definitely acting like they were on a date.

They were also spotted at a carnival in L.A. on September 10th, where they, quote, “attempted to hide under baseball caps as they sipped on . . . wine and beer.”


**Alicia Keys is Returning to “The Voice

The judges’ panel for Season 14 of “The Voice” is locked in.

Joining Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson is . . . Alicia Keys! Alicia won Season 12 with Chris Blue, but she and Gwen Stefani were tagged out last year by Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson.

Kelly introduced Alicia as the fourth judge, with a little help from Blake and Adam in a new video:


**People have strong opinions about celebrities and their hair, but this is a little ridiculous. Jessica Simpson’s Tuesday, October 17, Instagram post, where she is seen wearing pigtails caused quite a stir.

The image, captioned “Channeling my inner school girl,” has received more than 600 comments so far, but no one seems to be digging her ‘do, and have no problem telling Jessica. “Pigtails? Not flattering at all. Maybe if you were 2 lol,” commented one person. Added another: Pigtails Pigtails 👎.” A third dubbed the look “not age appropriate,” while a fourth wrote: “As a fellow 37-year-old, I’m not digging the pigtails, but you slay everything else! :)”

The feedback wasn’t all negative, however. As one woman wrote: “Gorgeous as ever.”

Channeling my inner school girl #fall17

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