Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Today in high school notes:

Lauren Kelly was a junior at Westbury High School in 1999, about to try out for the Varsity soccer team. She wrote notes to her bestie, “Tina,” every day…which is probably why she never got any actual school work done. Check out the drama that ensued:



Hey girl, the soccer tryouts the other day were pretty tough. I mean like, it was way more running than I thought it was going to be. The only time I wanted to actually run or do anything was when the baseball team was practicing across from us. There are so many cute guys this year! But anyways, back to soccer. I really don’t think I’m gonna make it but we’ll see. Gotta go, bell’s about to ring. See you at lunch,





Girl don’t worry about the soccer tryouts! I bet none of us are gonna make the team. I totally sucked and grabbed the ball with my hands like, 15 times by accident. Oops! Guess I was also distracted by  the baseball team too. Phillip looked so cute when he was trying to catch that ball on the field. Maybe we should give him a nickname so he doesn’t know we’re talking about him. What about BB Pants? He’ll never catch on to that. See you in 6th period.





OMG I’m getting so nervous about that soccer team announcement after school today! I’ll die if you all make varsity and I’m stuck with all of the freshman on JV again? I’m so nervous that I bit all the polish off my nails. I saw your boy BB Pants in 5th period earlier today and they were talking about going to see some new Keanu Reeves movie this weekend called The Matrix. We should go. Meet you in the hall after school girlie,

See ya later-




I’m still so mad you didn’t make the varsity team with us yesterday. What was Coach K thinking? You were sooooooo much better than half of  those girls that tried out. Ugh, so mad…can’t believe him. I know you said you also wanted to audition for the school play if you didn’t make Varsity…so are you still gonna do that? 42nd Street is one of my favorites! I’ll call you later, make sure you’re home around 7 so you can answer before your parents do.

Talk to you later-




Ugh still so mad at Coach K for making me play goalie on the JV soccer team. He said the other girls were just a little faster down the field, but the goalie gets to wear the prettiest uniform on the team. Whatever. That’ll just give me more time to help you stalk BB Pants anyways. Do you think he’d laugh if he knew that was his nickname? Maybe at homecoming we should tell him. Anyways, heading to auditions for 42nd Street now. I really just want a dance part because I love to tap dance. Oh and Jason said hi to me at lunch earlier…I think he needs a nickname too. Maybe Lunchbox? LOL




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