Pennywise Is A Popular Halloween Costume, But This Age Might Be Too Young To Wear It

Jonathan called The Morning Mix with an issue.

He lives in a neighborhood where he and his wife are good friends with their neighbors. Their children are good friends, too.

Halloween is coming, so Jonathan thought it would be a good idea for his 7 year old son to dress up as Pennywise from the movie, IT. He and his wife got the costume ready, thinking everyone would think his son would be the best dressed! To top it all off, they have their 4 year old daughter dressed as the red balloon!

When he told his friends about the costume they made, the friends all thought it was a bad idea. They say 7 years old is too young for such a scary costume.

Jonathan was caught off guard with this. And now his wife is feeling like she’s being judged for the decision.

Is 7 years old too young for a scary costume?

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