Sarah’s story comes from a great listener on her Facebook page, Jose Celestine.

“I was my brother best man and the only job, beside holding the ring was that he wanted some help with his chocolate fountain. His wife loves chocolate fountains and he asked me when he was it was low and couldn’t find the caterer if I would just put some of those little chocolate  things in it. They melt, the fountain  starts putting out chocolate. Seemed easy enough. So I go over, dump in the chips and everything seemed fine and then it was CHOCAGEDDON happened! It started to get clogged and then it was like slow motion as I ran over there it just spit chocolate everywhere. I pulled the cord and when I looked around, everyone was starring at me. The bride and little chocolate spatters on her that kind of looked like poopy. I felt awful.

I mean,  how hard should it have been to fill up the chocolate fountain. When my brother came over I said, I held the rings good. Wanna know what I found out,  you have to turn the setting when you add more chips.”

gettyimages 528602598 You Had ONE Job!


Geoff’s story took us to the not-so-friendly skies aboard an Indonesia AirAsia flight to Bali. After the plane experienced a “technical issues” midflight.  Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling as the plane rapidly descended tens of thousands of feet in what is being investigated as a potential depressurization. But the flight crew made the situation even more terrifying, passengers said, according to news reports.

“Hostesses started screaming: ‘Emergency, emergency,’” Mark Bailey told Australia’s Seven News. “There was no real panic before that, then everyone panicked.”

In a statement, the regional carrier — an affiliate of Malaysia-based AirAsia Group — apologized to passengers for “any inconvenience” caused.

Lauren’s story comes from a wedding last weekend:

“Last weekend I was in one of my best friends’ weddings, and for some reason it seemed as if the air conditioning had been turned off completely during the ceremony. It threw all of us off a little before we walked down the aisle…but I just kept thinking: ‘I only need to make it down this carpet without tripping and then I will relax and cool off!’ Well, out of all 10 bridesmaids, I was the ONLY ONE to trip right before I got to my stand. Totally mortified.


(we all took our shoes off once it was over though!! lol)

shoes You Had ONE Job!


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