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**The Houston Astros are only 9 innings, and 27 outs away from their very first World Series title.

Game 6 is tonight night in LA, 7:20p.

Houston Astro Jose Altuve LOVES the Backstreet Boys, as we all saw last year in a short clip of him in the locker room jamming out to “I Want It That Way” — and it turns out, the feeling is mutual.

A.J. McLean of the band says he saw the video and now he wants to collaborate! AJ admits Altuve isn’t exactly going to be a 6th member of the band, but his voice did get him an invite to sing with the band. This is what AJ told TMZ:

**Luke Bryan was in Savannah, Georgia over the weekend doing “American Idol” auditions. While he was there, he found out someone was having a wedding reception nearby so he crashed it. . . while they were playing his song “Crash My Party“.

The bride and groom are Austin Lipski and McKenna Neidlinger, and their families kept it quiet so Luke could surprise them on their big day. They had no idea until he walked into the room holding a bottle of champagne.

He toasted the couple, posed for photos, and then everybody danced to “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)”.


**LFO singer Devin Lima has been diagnosed with stage four adrenal cancer, a week after doctors removed a tumor from his adrenal gland.

His bandmate, Brad Fischetti, broke the news to fans in a YouTube post earlier this week, where he discusses how Lima is doing and his next plan of action. “Devin asked me to give you this update without him because, frankly, he’s not feeling very well. But, he asked me to send you his love and gratitude for all the love and prayers you’ve sent his way. He’s had a tough recovery. He had a few really difficult days in the hospital, but thankfully, he’s home now, resting and healing.”

Lima will undergo chemotherapy, radiation and have to take long-term medication as doctors are concerned “there might be cancer cells present in his body.”
As for where the band stands, Fischetti said Lima is determined to get better quickly and that returning to the stage is a “motivating factor” for him.

Prayers for a speedy recovery Devin.

**A new survey asked people about different Halloween costumes, and what they think each one SAYS about the person who’s wearing it. Here are six costumes and what people THINK they say about you:

1. A superhero. 42% of people think it means you’re athletic.
2. A pop culture-inspired costume. 44% of people said you’re probably a really GOOD TIME. 23% of people said a SCARY costume like a zombie or a mummy is also a sign you’re a partier.
3. A historical figure. 24% of people said it means you’re a bookworm.
4. If you made your costume yourself, 20% of people think it means you’re the “therapist type” who listens to their friends’ problems and gives out advice.
5. If you’re wearing a political costume, 61% of people say it’s a sign that you’re a big sports fan.
6. If you’re dressing as a cop, firefighter, doctor, or nurse, 19% of people think you’re probably the SERIOUS one in your group of friends.

If you’re listening right now on the way to work, there’s a really good chance you’re wearing a Halloween costume. Hopefully you picked something that won’t get you fired. According to a new survey, 45% of people say they were allowed to dress up at work today, and only 35% say they definitely weren’t allowed to. And the people who ARE dressed up are happy about it . . . or, at least, they work at places with better vibes. 73% of them say they feel motivated to make their company successful . . . versus 58% who aren’t allowed to wear costumes today.


**A new survey asked more than 9,000 people to name their biggest fears . . . and fear of clowns didn’t even make the top 10. Here are some of the most common phobias:

1. Arachnophobia, fear of spiders.
2. Acrophobia, fear of heights.
3. Claustrophobia, fear of small spaces.
4. Thalassophobia, fear of deep water.
5. Necrophobia, fear of death.
6. Glossophobia, fear of public speaking.
7. Ophidiophobia, fear of snakes.
8. Tryanophobia, fear of needles.
9. Entomophobia, fear of insects.
10. Galeophobia, fear of sharks.


**Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have broken up, after about 10 months together.

A source told TMZ, “It’s been hard with him being on tour and her shooting in New York. That wasn’t easy on them.”

The source also says Selena is NOT back with her ex, Justin Bieber, even though they’ve been spotted together several times recently. They even had breakfast together just two days ago.

Plus, Justin was spotted leaving her house yesterday morning.


**Jimmy Kimmel is out sick this week, and rather than air a bunch of repeats, he’s having celebrity guest hosts fill in for him each night. Jimmy was planning to take the week off so his son Billy could have a second heart surgery, but the family ended up battling colds, so they postponed it. They’re still taking the week off, obviously, and Jimmy will be back next week.

Shaq hosted last night . . . and he talked to Mila Kunis and Aisha Tyler. The musical guests were Ty Dolla Sign and YG.

Tonight, Dave Grohl is hosting . . . and he’ll chat with Kristen Bell. Alice Cooper is performing.

Tomorrow night, Channing Tatum is hosting . . . and the guests will be Ellen DeGeneres and Pink.

On Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence will host . . . and the guests will be Kim Kardashian and the vocal group Linkin’ Bridge from “America’s Got Talent”.

The host and guests for Friday haven’t been announced yet.


**A few TV reminders coming up:

Taylor Swift is set to perform two songs on Saturday Night Live on the November 11 episode. She will be the musical guest alongside host Tiffany Haddish. The following week will be hosted by Chance the Rapper with musical guest, Eminem.

ABC and Dick Clark Productions announced yesterday that Christina Aguilera will take the stage at the 2017 American Music Awards to honor Whitney Houston with a tribute in honor of the 25th anniversary of “The Bodyguard‘s” release on Nov. 25, 1992.

Aguilera will be introduced by actress Viola Davis, and she will sing songs from The Bodyguard soundtrack, which has sold more than 45 million copies worldwide to become the best-selling movie album of all time.

Christina posted about it on Instagram saying, “I am excited, honored and humbled to perform a tribute to one of my idols, Whitney Houston for the 25th Anniversary of “The Bodyguard” at the @AMAs! 11/19 on ABC. #AMAs”


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