A High School Football Player With Cerebral Palsy Scored an 80-Yard Touchdown

For everyone that says that Millenials are entitled and lazy they need to watch the video of Seep Shirly who is a Senior at Altee High School in Virginia. Atlee was born with cerebral palsy and has trouble walking without his crutches but he loves and I MEAN LOVES football!

He’s on the Altee High School team on last Friday night his coach put him in as a running back. Sepp and his dad told the other team that they COULD tackle him but as Sepp was handed the ball and the play developed the other team didn’t. They joined in with the Altee High team cheering him on all the way to the end zone. An 80-yard run!

He was able to run the entire 80 yards without the help of his crutches and as he crossed into the endzone he collapsed into the arms of his teammates, met by the cheers of both teams! As he scored a touchdown for his team.

His coach said, quote,  “The definition of physical and mental toughness is Sepp marching 80 yards.  It’s the toughest 80-yard run I’ve ever witnessed, I’ll tell you that.”


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