I have NEVER and I mean NEVER had a trick or treater at my house.  I have bought candy for the past 9 years I have lived in Houston and NEVER had anyone come and I still have candy in my cupboard from last year. So this year I decided to not buy candy.

Fast forward to last night, it’s raining, the game is on, I love the sound of rain so I opened my windows, turned off my porch light just in case anyone came by they knew I didn’t have candy. That’s the sign, right? If you don’t have candy don’t turn on your outside light?

Anyway, it’s like the first inning of the Astros and my doorbell rings. I wasn’t expecting guests and so I just let it ring. Then I heard through my open blinds and windows, “Trick or Treat”. OH SHOOT!

It’s a family of minions and I have NO CANDY!

I tried to pretend like I didn’t hear it and then the littlest one says “I think she’s watching the game”.

Dang it, I have been spotted.

So I get up and open the door and say “Just a minute” cause they were so CUTE!

The dad sticks his head in and asks what the score is and I tell him 0-0. I turned to go to the kitchen and before I know it the minion family is in my living room glued to the TV. The only thing I have is stale candy and Kind Bars and Bavitas oh and a ridiculous amount of Skarkelberry fin Kool-aid!

I put it in their buckets and started walking toward them to walk them out of my house and it was AWKARD!

Note to self, I will buy a bit of candy every year.

Halloween FAIl!


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