Man Won $14 Million Betting On World Series, But He Chickened Out For Game Seven

Someone won $14 million by predicting the winners of the first six games of the World Series! That’s the Dodgers in Game 1, the Astros in Games 2 & 3, then the Dodgers, Astros, and Dodgers.

He got that much by doing a ‘Let It Ride’ parlay. That’s when you keep betting all of your winnings on the next game. Obviously, the money grows exponentially each time you win, but if you guess wrong you’re left with nothing. So, who did he bet on last night? According to gambling expert, RJ Bell, he bet on no one:

Yeah, he chickened out! GHOSTED!!!

Bell claims he started with $500,000, so he was already loaded. We don’t know who he would have bet on last night. And we also don’t know his identity.

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