I have been trying to put these words on paper since last night but lack of sleep, excitement and exhaustion caused some serious writer’s block but I think after a very long nap and some decompression, I finally have a grasp on my words.

First, I want to say thank you to the Astros. Rewind to Hurricane Harvey and the state this city was in and the lives that were lost and changed forever, you played on. We watched in homes that weren’t our own, on borrowed couches, rented apartments, RV’s, family’s homes and some, from shelters and you played on.

You gave us something to cheer about. Something to hope for. Something to believe in.

That, is nothing short of inspirational. Oh we can all be honest and say we may not have all started the season as Astros fans but I think we can all say as we close out the season, we do it as true fans. Not because you won, although that doesn’t hurt but you played your heart out for a city that had their heart broken.

You are all household names. We will all look back on this team and wonder how we had such amazing talent all in Orange. WE know how lucky we are to have you.

I watched as the innings ticked on friends who had lost everything posting the photos of them and their families watching the game from their rental homes, with furniture donated from friends and family and they cheered, their hearts out!

I watched as family from out of town joined in GO ASTROS! Cheering for you, but also for a city that was in such need of a win.

You are the essence of teamwork.

I write this as a former athlete and can’t imagine the emotions going through you. I am sure it doesn’t compare to finishing 99th in the Indiana Semi-state cross-country race, but I can imagine. I think we all can.

I went back and looked at the photos of Harvey. At the photos of the Coast Guard flying past our studio window going into the neighborhoods rescuing Houstonians. I won’t ever forget the images I saw on the news. Or watching as friends pulled their entire lives out of their homes just to throw it all away and start over.

Those same friends waited with baited breathe for every out last night and it was like you knew. You knew the city was on your shoulders. You knew what was on the line was more than a trophy and you not only rose to the occasion, you crushed it.

Thank you for an amazing season! Thank you for playing on. For Playing Hard! For showing the World We are HOUSTON STRONG!




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