The Houston Astros Are WORLD CHAMPS!  The team is home, the parade is today and the stories of your favorite players prove not only that hard work pays off but believing in yourself and never giving up on your dream no matter what anyone says, will lead you to the TOP.

Carlos Correa, as a child his dad worked three shifts a day but still would spend TWO HOURS every night practicing at night.

Here’s a picture of them after his son won.

As a child George Springer had a terrible stutter. So much so that he didn’t talk in class.  He found his voice on the field and now is the spokesperson for say.

The story of Evan Gattis could have been over ins 2006 when he walked away from baseball for 3 years. He battled addiction issues, was homeless and worked as a janitor among other odd jobs. His family encouraged him to get back in the game.

He was drafted in 2010 by the Atlanta Braves. He never gave up and now, he’s a World Champ.

Jose Altuve was constantly told he was too small to play the game. He is listed at 5 foot 6 inches but some small he’s smaller than that. When he was a teenager in Venezuela he was cut from an Astros tryout because, at the time, the Organization thought he was goo short.

Sports Illustrated reported in 2014 his father coaxed him to go back for the next tryout and work extra hard. He did, he earned a deal into Houston with a singing bonus of $15,000, which is a fraction of what some of the Top Amateurs receive.

By his third year with the Astros he wasn’t just one of the best on the team, he was proving to be one of the best in the league and now the man that the sports world thought was too short, is larger than life!


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