The Top Five Reasons Why Work Is More Stressful This Time Of Year

Halloween is over, so we’re officially in the holiday season. And according to a new survey, this time of the year is a hell of a paradox at work. People say it’s the happiest time of the year at their job, but also the most stressful. And here are the top five reasons why these are the most stressful two months:

1. Balancing holiday events and your job, 32%.

2. Taking time off and coming back to a giant pile of work, 23%.

3. Having lots of people on vacation leading to more work for everyone else, 18%.

4. Trying to figure out what gifts to buy for your coworkers or clients, 11%.

5. Going to company holiday events, 8%.

So what would make things less stressful? 37% of people say if they got a nice end-of-the-year bonus, suddenly things wouldn’t seem so rough anymore.

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