Disney is currently working on a new Star Wars section for their theme parks called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which will be sort of like the Star Wars equivalent of Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Galaxy’s Edge opens in 2019, but in the meantime, Star Wars does still have a presence at Disney World and Disneyland. From Cheat Sheet:

In 1987, Disney opened up Star Tours, a motion simulator ride that took passengers around the galaxy far, far away, mainly to Endor. This ride came long before Disney actually bought the rights to Star Wars — 20th Century Fox owned the franchise at the time. The original ride closed in 2010, and in 2011, Disney opened up Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, an upgraded version of the ride, now in 3D.

It got us all thinking. Star Wars is HUGE. Harry Potter is so popular. But if you could create a movie theme park ride based on your favorite movie, what would that ride be?

Geoff loves the James Bond movies. And since there have been about 30 of them, it would be a large park. All the villain’s lairs, the faraway lands, and the gizmos that saved Bond in every movie!

Sarah went back to the 80s and while it was close, she chose Goonies over Bloodsport. But if you want to enter the Goonies park, first you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle!

Lauren thought The Notebook ride would be good so she could sit on Ryan Gosling’s lap, but in the end, she went with something more current: Stranger Things. Who loves to be scared???


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