I don’t have children so when I was talking with one of my oldest friends on the phone, who little girl is two today. He was talking about the gift he got for her and also the gift he got for her son. Apparently both the kids get gifts on birthdays so no one feels left out?

Now, he wanted me to tell you that the little boy is three and he’s not getting a ton of gifts. Like this time he got a Saints hat because his daddy is a HUGE Saints fan and he loves hats!

This isn’t the first time I have heard this but I had some questions because this was NOT a Cyndi Pepper move. In fact, we had family members that DID do this and she was NEVER a fan of it!

She was a firm believer that when it’s your birthday you get the gifts and when it’s not, you don’t. That’s how life works. You don’t always win.

However, my friend was quick to point out that’s what he thought before you had kids. It all changed because he doesn’t wanna deal with a fit.

I have so many questions but really just wanna hear from the parents because I understand without having children, you don’t really get an opinion. I can only go with the house I grew up in and that was, your birthday, your presents. Not your birthday. NOT your presents!


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