This week’s notes come from Geoff’s wife, Jillian.


Friday afternoon, passing notes in history class

Nicole: I’m so excited JP asked me out! I ❤ JP O’Malley

Julie:  You guys look so cute together and JP is wicked popular.  I heard his friend Mike is single now that he dumped Kimmy.  Maybe Mike and JP’ll be at 7-11 after school today.  They always get blue slurpees and it turns their teeth blue.  They look so  stupid but no one says anything ‘cause Mike’s older brother is captain of the basketball team.

Jillian:  That’s awesome, Nicole!  You guys make such a cute couple.  Are you and JP going to the movies tonight?

Nicole:  Ya.  Me and Meghan and Becca F. are meeting JP and Mike at 7 at the snack bar.  I hope he gets me something but not popcorn ‘cause of my braces.  I wish you girls could come too.  Please, please, please see if your coach will let you skip your pasta party.


Monday morning, passing notes in math

Nicole:  I hate JP O’Malley!

Julie:  Me too.  He’s a loser, especially with that stupid look on his face all the time.  I hope his teeth stay blue forever.

Jillian:  Yah, you deserve so much better, Nicole.  I can’t believe he broke up with you after the movie.  He’s a jerk.

Julie: Becca F is going to tell Mike that JP lost his one chance at dating a girl like you and even if he begs you to go back out with him, he’s as stale as movie popcorn without butter.

Nicole:  Awww, thanks you guys.  You help take away the heartache.

Jillian:  Anytime.  And just so you know if I see JP today, I’m NOT going to say hi.





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