On Monday, The Morning Mix celebrated a milestone. It was the 6 month anniversary of Lauren meeting her boyfriend, Gabe, LIVE on the show!

Sarah and Geoff had decided to surprise Lauren by having Gabe join us in studio. HOWEVER, that’s not the whole story.

Geoff and Sarah were supposed to get dressed up to host the event. Yet, as you can see in the picture, Geoff held up his end of the bargain. Meanwhile, Sarah wore her regular clothes.

Sarah Pepper…YOU HAD ONE JOB!

But! Sarah has an explanation. The dry cleaner that had her dress was SUPPOSED to have it done on Saturday. But they never finished the job so she couldn’t pick it up until Monday AFTER the show was over.

Sarah’s dry cleaner…YOU HAD ONE JOB!

Another babysitting story from Lauren Kelly…this time I was in charge of my niece and getting her dressed for my other sister’s baby naming and all I had to do before her mom got home was feed her, change her, and MAKE SURE that her little two piece outfit didn’t get tucked into her diaper when I put it on.

I thought I was doing SO well, got her to sleep, fed her, changed her diaper and then put the outfit on. But forgot to untuck it. She pooped in her diaper, that her dress was tucked into, and as I was holding her, it got all over MY DRESS too. Had to leave so we could both change out of our poop clothes. I.HAD.ONE.JOB. (smh) At least she’s cute though…

img 5423 e1510929008467 You Had ONE Job!



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