Thanksgiving dinner conversations can always go south. If you want to be safe, there are TV shows, showbiz news, football, and the weather.  According to a study at RD, these are five NOT-so-safe topics that you might want to avoid:

1.  President Trump.  If you do talk politics, be respectful. If you know your relatives views are the polar opposite of yours, you might want to just avoid it altogether.

2.  Family gossip.  Just do it while you’re eating.  If you want to call out your siblings (or cousins) about something, do NOT do it in front of the whole family.

3.  Anything about religion that might be controversial.

4.  Your weight.  Joking about how out of shape you are can make other people self-conscious about their own weight.  People are going to overeat on Thanksgiving, so don’t make them feel extra-guilty about it.

5.  Too many good things that happened to you this year.  You CAN mention a few but don’t spend the whole meal bragging about how great your life is.  If someone else is having a rough year, they might resent you for it. 


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