Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Tomorrow for Thanksgiving, my aunt is hosting my side of the family at her house in Conroe for lunch. My boyfriend Gabe is coming with me, so he gets to meet the rest of my family members he hasn’t met yet! However, after lunch, we are headed back to Katy to have dinner with his family. And yes, there are a few of his family members who I haven’t met yet either.

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Of course we are planning on bringing some dishes to each of the parties (preferably something already cooked or baked to avoid it being TERRIBLE,) but is there anything I should be aware of? Questions not to ask? People not to talk to? Kids not to play with?

I just need a few pointers to take with me while I’m there. His whole family is wonderful, so I know it’s going to be awesome. I’m just trying to prepare a little bit.

I’m sure I have more to worry about with him being around MY crazy family…so I should probably apologize in advance, lol.


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