There was a LOT of family time over the past weekend and holiday and there is still more to come and if you are around little ones before you know it you are in a conversation where you aren’t exactly how to explain something to them.


Let’s start with Tattoos. Sarah has two of them and she had a hard enough time trying to explain them to her mom, let alone a 5-year-old. Sarah’s mom was sick and so she spent her Thanksgiving with Elizabeth’s family, peanut butter to her jelly, and Elizabeth has a five-year-old nephew, Ryan and he was very interested in the Tattoos on Sarah’s wrists and why they didn’t wash off when they washed their hands for dinner. Why would you that? What does it say? What does it mean? That’s not a good idea. Just some of the thoughts from a five-year-old that really does have you questioning your life’s decisions after a while.


There was a free preview of various movie channels over the weekend. I recorded some of the movies, including Slyvester Stallone’s 1987 classic, Over The Top. That’s the one about the truck driver who is also an arm wrestler who needs to develop a bond with his estranged son before his estranged wife dies in the hospital. Also, his father-in-law hates him. Didn’t see it? That’s actually the plot! Anyway, I was trying to explain that plot to my son. He was not grasping the concept. I don’t blame him though. As I was trying to explain the plot for the 7th time, it struck me how dumb this movie really was. But any guy my age has seen it at least 4 times!

Lauren Kelly 

Before any of my nephews or niece was born, my younger cousin Rebecca would spend the night over at my house just for fun. I remember she would always sit and watch me put my makeup on, and ask a thousand questions like, “Why are you putting that on your eyes? Why are your making your lips red? What is that think you’re putting on your cheek? Is this a pencil I can color with? What does this do? It was a thousand questions! Her asking was super cute, but when she asked why I put on so much makeup I honestly couldn’t explain to her why I felt better covering the huge dark circles under my eyes with some concealer. Or that my eye lashes looked so much longer with mascara, or that I didn’t feel like death with a little blush on my cheeks. Becca is 13 now, and I think she finally understands why I love makeup so much!


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