This all transpired from the time Sarah arrived at school up until lunch.  This is a conversation between Sarah Pepper (Short Sarah) and her good friend Sarah T (Tall Sarah) height difference, Sarah P 4’10 and Sarah T 5’9

Everyone was supposed to go to the dance as a group of girls. NO ONE was getting dates. There was a pack. Then it hit the fan!

This is Sarah Pepper (Short Sarah) and Sarah T (Tall Sarah)

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Short Sarah  –

Hey I went and got my dress last night what is the plan for the dance? How many of us are going? Do I need to drive? I know that’s a lot of questions just let me know.


Tall Sarah –

Hey I meant to page you last night. I ran into Bryan at the Basketball game and I asked him to the dance. The other girls are still planning to do a girls group. Sorry, he’s just so cute.


Short Sarah –

No big deal. Have fun with Bryan, we can all meet up at the after-party. I’ll get with Lisa and see what they all wanna do.


Tall  Sarah

Oh I meant to tell you, Lisa asked Scott. He’s going to be home from college that weekend after all so she wanted to take him since they never get to see each other. I meant to tell you in Econ.


Short Sarah –

Sounds good. That’s great. She hasn’t seen him since he left for IU. I’ll talk to Laina when we get to B Lunch


Tall Sarah

Laina didn’t page you? She asked Aaron and we’re all going to go to dinner together. I talked to Lisa in Theology class and she and I think you should ask Lance to the dance.  You have Spanish with him. Just do it!


Short Sarah –

Lance?! Are you kidding me?! Homcoming king Lance LeClere. There is NO way he would go with me. You all go ahead and I’ll meet you at the after part.


Tall Sarah –

Seriously, you need to work on you! You got your braces off. No one remembers your headgear. You are a beautiful girl and YOU ARE GOING TO ASK HIM IN SPANISH or I’M gonna ask you for him!


Short Sarah –

Fine. But if he says know and I get all embarrassed you can’t come to Denny’s with us on Friday because it will be super awkward. I’ll see you after school!

 Wondering what happened?!

Sarah did ask Lance to the Dance in what can only be described as the most awkward ask of all time! She walked up. Said “You wanna go to the Dance”. Lance said “Yes” and then started to say how fun it would be and Sarah was so embarrassed and shy that she just screamed out “Great pick you up at 7”. NAILED IT!


 This is Sarah and Lance this year. He is now the team Doctor for the Naval Academy and was in town for the University of Houston game.

lance High School Notes: To Dance Or Not To Dance


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