According to a new study at, we will spend a total of $1.93 billion on Christmas candy this year.  And people in every state will spend their share differently.  Here are the highlights:

1. Red and green M&M’s are the top candy in eight states.  Christmas Pez dispensers and candy also took eight states.

2. The most traditional Christmas candies finished close behind.  Candy canes won seven states, and peppermint bark won four states.

3. “Reindeer corn,” which is the candy corn industry’s way of staying relevant for an extra month, somehow won in Alabama, Michigan, and Utah.

As for our Lone Star State?

Don’t mess with Texas.  That slogan actually started as a anti-littering campaign. I guess they overshot a little, because it’s now pretty much the slogan of the state of Texas. So Texans, be sure not to litter when you unwrap and load-up your Pez dispensers this holiday season. Skittles and candy canes also have wrappers that residents of Texas will no doubt diligently dispose of in the proper receptacle.

Pez? Seriously?? Here’s the map:


But PEZ though???


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