Geoff SheenBy Lauren Kelly

In today’s episode of High School Notes, we got back to 1997 for Lauren Kelly‘s sophmore year at Westbury High School when she and her friends were finally allowed to drive to a Third Eye Blind concert IN THEWOODLANDS by themselves! They only had enough room for 3 of the 7 girls…what will they do?! Find out below!


I cannot WAIT to go to this concert tonight! I love Third Eye Blind and Eve 6 so much, and its gonna be so fun with all the girls. Cal you believe my mom said could take the mini van to drive us out to the Woodlands? I really hope I don’t get lost. I don’t want our first high school concert experience by ourselves to suck, who all is going again?




I know, I’m so excited! Third Eye Blind plays that song “”Semi Charmed Life” that we saw in that movie “American Pie” and they also had that one song “Jumper” on an episode of MTV’s “Road Rules!” This show is gonna be so good. I’m not really sure who the other band is, but I heard the lead singer is hot and so I’m sure I’ll like it.

What time should we all meet at your house? I know of like, 6 other girls who are coming with us. You have enough room, right? This day couldn’t go any slower, I’ll talk to you at lunch.





That other band is Eve 6, and yeah- the lead singer is sooo cute, but I know you’ll recognize that one song they play on the radio like 1000 times every day. The one that goes “I WOULD SWALLOW MY PRIDE I WOULD…NA NA NA NA….WANNA PUT MY TENDER, HEART IN A BLENDER…TURN IT INSIDE OUT FIND NOTHING BUT FAITH IN NOTHING” You know that one, right?

And bad news, my mom only thought I’d be driving you, me and Betty to the show. She said there’s no way that I’m allowed to drive all 7 of us out there. Ugh, I am so mad at her. What are we gonna do? Do you think Julie’s brother would drive us out there? Let’s talk about it in science, see you then.




Oh no! Your mom is only gonna let you drive 3 of us there? What do we do about the other girls who were coming with us? They are gonna be sooooo mad, I hope one of them will be allowed to drive and meet us there. As long as I can ride shotgun, I’m all good. We need to leave early, I heard traffic is no fun driving from here to the Woodlands.

And oh yeah, I know that song! I think I taped it off the radio one time but the radio dj wouldn’t stop talking all over the words. That is so annoying. Anyways, I’ll help you break the news about the ride to the other girls, let’s blame it on Julie’s brother since he was so rude and said he wouldn’t help get us there. See you soon.




Ok yeahhhh, the other girls didn’t take the news of them having to find another ride very well. I blamed it on Julie’s brother, but they didn’t wanna hear it. They’re gonna try and see if Betty’s mom will take them in her big Suburban. Hope they make it.

The bell’s about to ring and I’m so excited for this concert! I wish the rain would stop though, I heard the tickets we are in don’t have seats…so it’s gonna be like, super muddy. Don’t wear your pink chucks out there today. I’m so glad I’m riding with you, I can’t wait to sing all of Third Eye Blind’s songs on the way to the show and then listen to the band sing them live!! Ahhhh, let’s get matching t-shirts when we get there!




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