Every week, we find the folks you had some task they were supposed to do (or NOT do) and they totally blew it! You had one job!!


ABC 13 showed me this story:

An overturned tractor-trailer carrying bottles of vodka caused the closure of a busy ramp to I-95 in northeast Philadelphia.┬áThe ramp remained closed for hours while crews worked to clear the scene. The truck was carrying boxes of bottles of Tito’s Vodka.

It’s not clear what caused the 18-wheeler to tip, but the driver? HE HAD ONE JOB!!!


You can see the picture above. I was driving onto 610 on the west loop heading north. There was a four car accident. And that red SUV was taking up two lanes. But the right lane was still open-ish. Until the car next to me GUNNED it! He sideswiped the SUV and blocked the final lane. We were stuck for 25 minutes!!! To that driver: YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!


I love my apartment complex, and they’re very good about keeping us posted on maintenance around the building. And last week they sent an email saying that the elevator I use most will be closed for work. So DON’T TRY AND USE IT, or the bell will keep ringing until a staff member would be able to turn it off. Well, I forgot. I used the elevator this morning, at THREE A.M., and the bell kept going off SUPER LOUD and I know for sure I woke up my entire floor. My dog thought I was crazy too, but just ran back inside my apartment. Oops. Hopefully that alarm is off later when I get home from work.

All I had to do was just use the OTHER ELEVATOR.




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