This morning, The Morning Mix warmed up their singing voices to reveal their holiday wish list. Sing along in your head using the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas!”



12 Whataburgers

11 Road rage honkers

10 Springer Dingers

9 Harvey Hero’s

8 Taco Tuesdays

7 Pedal parties

6 Midtown pub crawls

Jose Altuve

4 Texans wins

3 Sheen kids

2 Freeways closed

And a World Series victory!



12 James Bond movies

11 Thousand dollars

10 Power to-ols

9 Oilers ballcaps

8 Hours sleeping

7 Days in Vegas

6 Astros season tickets

5 Months, no bills!

4 Workout days

3 Kids like Star Wars

2 Brand new cars

And the NHL in Houston, 2019!



12 Pairs of high heels

11 Sushi dinners

10 Different group texts

9 Facebook check ins

8 Twitter updates

7 Posts on Insta

6 Chick Fil A meals

5 Orange Theory classes

4 Niece and nephews

3 Pairs of Spanxx

2 Boyfriend kisses

1 And a latte with two sweet and lows!


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