We found some Christmas tree trivia to get you ready for Christmas this weekend. See if you can guess the answers!

1.  The record for most Christmas trees chopped down in two minutes is 27.

True.  An American woman set the record on a German TV show in 2008.  All the trees were pretty small, but big enough to count toward the record.  (Here’s a video)


2.  The first time the White House had an indoor Christmas tree wasn’t until 1923.

False.  That’s the year President Coolidge had the first Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  The first indoor tree at the White House happened a lot earlier, but it’s not clear when.  Either in the 1850s, or 1880s.


3.  It takes an average of 7 years to grow a Christmas tree that’s 6 to 7 feet high.

True.  It can take anywhere from 4 to 15 years, but 7 is the average.


4.  Ben Franklin came up with the idea of putting electric lights on Christmas trees.

False.  The first light bulb didn’t exist until well after he died.  One of Thomas Edison’s assistants came up with the idea of putting light bulbs on trees in 1882.  Before that, people used tiny candles, and it was a huge fire hazard.


5.  According to the American Christmas Tree Association, fake Christmas trees are now over four times more popular than real Christmas trees.

True.  According to their yearly survey, 76% of households will put up a tree this year, but only 19% of them will be real.  The other 81% will be artificial.


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