We had the most amazing time in Hawaii and I have been saving my travel miles for YEARS. Literally YEARS! I do anything I can to get points. It’s like my couponing and the flight to Hawaii is the furthest I have ever flown in my life. Our flight back was overnight so Elizabeth and I cashed in all the miles to be able to fly first class on the way back to keep me calm and so I could possibly sleep since we were going to be driving to Indiana in less than 36 hours. Seemed like a solid plane.

We get on the plane, they do all this fancy stuff too, I felt like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” and I was so excited. I laid my chair down. I picked my movie. I curled up in the fancy blanket they gave me and then I heard. I child SCREAMING. Not crying. SCREAMING. Clearly, her little ears hurt and I felt so bad for her because the parents were doing everything they could to console the little girl but she was not having it.

That’s when the guy next to me said, quote,  “That’s why children shouldn’t be allowed in first class”. He didn’t whisper it either. It got AWKARD!

He literally went on to explain to me it’s because he paid a lot of money for this flight and he has to work the next day and that’s the way it used to be and kids cry and ruin it.

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