Sarah Pepper –

This year I am not resolving to work out or lose weight or any of that. I plan on doing all of those things but this year my true goals are to live in the moment that is right in front of me. I allowed anxiety and worry to run my 2017 and I refuse to allow that to happen in 2018. I also would like to stay off my phone. To actually enjoy the moment I am in rather than rushing to post it on some form of social media.

My other resolution is to be patient. Or at least work on being patient. Patience has never been something I am good at and so this year, I am going to try. Any advice on how to do that would be welcomed.


Geoff Sheen –

I gotta lose weight. Like A LOT of weight. So I’m going to stop eating for a few months. I also need to make some more money because having three kids requires having a lot of money for stuff. Maybe I can ask my 4 year old son to get a job? He’s very smart for his age!

I’m going to do a much better job staying connected to old friends. This Christmas was a reminder that I haven’t spoken to many of my good buds in a while. Time to catch up!


Lauren Kelly – 

I have decided that in 2018 I am going to be better at going to the grocery store and cooking meals at home.

Anytime I have friends over they always laugh at my fridge because there’s never anything to “cook” in there! Which technically I have an excuse for: it’s just me who lives there! I am usually only eating for one, so I previously I didn’t like cooking a lot of food for it to just sit and go to waste in the fridge. However, now that my boyfriend comes over a lot and has dinner at my place…I need to step up my Suzie Homemaker game. I am going to learn to cook (and not burn anything) if it kills me!


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