Sarah and Lauren went to Hawaii over the holidays and the one thing Lauren wanted to do was take a helicopter ride. She was going with her boyfriend Gabe and she was hoping for this magical Bachelor fantasy date. Sarah hates to fly. HATES IT! Already sat through an eight hour flight to get there but because she is a team player and her best friend, Elizabeth, who went also, makes her do everything she’s scared to do. She went.

Everyone, BUT SARAH, were excited for this.

They pulled it, up the Bachelor Music should have been playing in the background, Gabe and Lauren get picked to ride in the front of the plane. I mean the scene was set!

25446435 10159629844050517 6129770513971504807 n It Was Supposed To Be A Dream Come True And it Ended In Disaster!

If you missed it this morning here’s how the whole thing went:

Five minutes into the flight, Lauren is sick! Like closing her eyes, not looking at anything, sick!

Five minutes after that, Gabe starts to get nauseous.

Five minutes after that, Elizabeth has the sick back out and she’s not feeling well.

Surprise, Sarah is not only NOT sick but she’s having the time of her life.

So, because Lauren had her eyes closed. Please enjoy Sarah’s photos from the Chopper.

Click here for her photos. 

There are no after photos of Lauren, Elizabeth or Gabe.

However, Sarah had a blast.

after photo It Was Supposed To Be A Dream Come True And it Ended In Disaster!


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